Greetings! You may recognize us from our appearances on the Today ShowSteve Harvey Show, USA Today, Parade Magazine, or the Huffington Post, but incase you don't, allow us to introduce ourselves! We are ARK Project Now.

ARK Project Now is a nonprofit organization that aims to make the world a better place, one Act of Random Kindness at a time. We truly believe that one Act of Random Kindness, no matter how small, has the potential to change the world. Because of this core belief, we have made it our mission to perform of Acts of Random Kindness and recruit others to do the same. Acts of Random Kindness, or “ARKs” can include purchasing coffee for a stranger, providing meals for the homeless, or going out of your way to hold the door for someone. Even something as simple as a smile has the potential to make someone’s day better. After performing an Act of Random Kindness, we encourage “ARKers” to leave behind an ARK card, which urges the recipient to pay it forward. This sets off a chain reaction and creates a cycle of kindness that impacts people we may never even meet.



Since the time ARK Project Now was founded in 2012, we have been able to spread kindness to thousands of people. The core members of ARK Project Now have embarked on three separate national tours, the most prominent of which was the “Just Do One” tour. Last summer, we purchased a broken-down RV, packed our bags, and travelled 6,000 miles in an attempt to inspire an epidemic of kindness. On this journey, we were blessed to see lives changed all across our country. Our ARKs included organizing a shopping spree for sick children in Omaha, helping a homeless woman get back on her feet in Las Vegas, taking kids from the Boys and Girls Club to their first San Francisco Giants game, hosting an Acts of Random Kindness scavenger hunt in Chicago, and many, many more. Our efforts even got recognized by several national media outlets including NBC’s Today Show, the Steve Harvey ShowUSA TodayParade Magazine, and the Huffington Post. Through this exposure, we have been able to effectively build a community of people dedicated to making kindness a habit in their daily lives.




ARK Project Now has been able to see a lot of success in the past, but this summer, we are going bigger. Much bigger.

Through the generous donation of Thor Motor Company and Lippert Components, we will be taking our brand new, 2015 RV and embarking on a 10 week road trip all across the country. We will be spreading kindness to dozens of cities including New York City, Washington, D.C., Orlando, New Orleans, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Denver. Some of the events that we have planned include speaking to high schoolers in order to inspire them, consulting with politicians to make a push for kindness in the government, taking a group of foster children to Disney World, providing homeless care packages to those in need, and several other creative projects. However, we're going to need YOUR help to make these things happen! The members of ARK Project Now have sacrificed internships, job opportunities, weddings, and time with their families in order to turn this dream into a reality. If you share our passion for spreading kindness, we would love to partner with you to make this project successful!




Last year, we raised $10,000 to devote to performing Acts of Random Kindness, and impacted thousands of lives all across the country. Based on the success that we had, we are looking to match that $10,000 mark again this year. Unlike some other organizations who use donations for salaries or maintenance costs, ARK Project Now will use 100% of the donations raised through this campaign to perform Acts of Random Kindness. 


If you choose to donate, you can rest assured that your contribution will go directly towards spreading kindness to someone who needs it. Maybe you can only donate a few bucks? CONGRATS! You just bought a stranger a coffee! What about $20? You just provided a homeless care package to someone living on the street! The amount of impact that we'll be able to have on our trip is directly tied to the amount of money that you choose to give, so at the risk of sounding cliché, every dollar counts! And the best part is, you get to see how you helped to spread kindness in real time through the updates on our website and social media pages! We would love to have your support in keeping the ARK afloat!


We want to hear from you! Want us to add a perk? Email us! Have an idea for an awesome ARK? Email us! Want to be friends and just talk about life? Email us at info@arkprojectnow.com!